Oils & Acrylics Course- Multi- Level with the Elliotts

We have just had a super Oils & Acrylics Course with a good group whom all got on with the exercises very nicely.   Three days of intensive right-brain work proved to be just what most of the participants needed.

We had some good times in and out of the studio and Tuesday night was a fun night at our home where the artists could relax as Dale and Mel went through the digital photography side of things as well as their private art collection which includes some works of some well known South African Artists like: Wiles, Boschhoff, Boyley etc…

We had a super dinner at De Villiers Country Lodge on the Monday night with traditional Waterblom Breedie as one of the choices and on Sunday evening we had a snack and a snort at our gallery for the artists  whom arrived early and Mel showed them a ‘power of the image’ slide show with music.   We enjoyed the group immensely and we look forward to staying in touch with them…

Here are some photos from the course:


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