The Alwyn Vintcent is coming home…

I took this photo of Dale and Willem (Our in-house framer) with the painting which Dale did of the Alwyn Vintcent Steam Tug Boat, of yester year when the tug was still in action on the high seas in South Africa…

The Alwyn Vintcent will be making its way to Villiersdorp on Monday- 25 June 2012 to be finally laid to rest in our beautiful town.   She weighs 120 tons, so you can imagine that this is no small picnic and once here, this asset is going to wonders for our town as an attraction and play a massive role for Heritage Tourism in South Africa.

The painting in the photo is going to be attached to the vessel as it embarks on its’ four day journey from The Cape Town V&A Water Front to Villiersdorp, travelling through many towns in the Swartland and Overberg to get here.  

Dale, whom has covered the ‘Vintcent’ in many of his paintings over the years is extremely excited that the boat is coming to Villiersdorp, as he so enjoyed its presence in Knysna when it was moored at the docks many years before it was decomissioned

We say well done to Eniel Viljoen and Andy Selfe and the rest of their team, from The Villiersdorp Tractor and Engine Club, for their efforts in saving this maritime beauty and for restoring her back to her original splendour.  God speed on the journey that lies ahead…

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