One of Dale’s latest inspiring pieces…

Dale recently painted this painting to a live audience and to loud music at the farewell of our last painting course.   This falls under his ‘Pallette Knife Demo Smear’ range of paintings where he paints the picture from start to finish in a matter of minutes, using trick effects and an array of differing techniques.  

You might say- ‘Well by the looks of it, you can see he only takes a matter of minutes…’ But this is really the most difficult type of painting- To a deadline, as each stroke of paint that is applied, has to count for more, than if one was painting a conventional scene using a brush. 

It is a real treat to watch Dale perform and paint his inspiring works of art like this beauty and if you ever would like to witness this, please give us a call as we often do demostrations for art groups and societies ….


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