Remembering the old and excited about the new…

We have just returned from Knysna after finally packing up the ‘Dale Elliott Art Gallery’ which we occupied at ‘The Woodmill Lane Shopping Centre’ for 22 years.    Our team went down to Knysna at the start of the weekend to vacate our old shop and to commence the final move into our new gallery in the new ‘Knysna Mall’.  

The mood was rather nostalgic and as we have had 22 beautiful years in the ‘The Woodmill Lane Centre’ and a move like this is always taxing on ones emotions.

We say thank you to ‘Woodmill Lane’ for beautiful memories and we look forward to our new venture down the way (Down the Main Road in Knysna).   Be sure to pop into our new gallery which is situated opposite ‘Woolworths’ and next to ‘Carol Boyes’ in the ‘New Mall’ and here are some photos of what it looks like for now…We would love to see you there!

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